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Mentoring program

The League of Distinguished Gentlemen is a youth leadership instructional program for male students in Middle and High School. The leagues mission is to empower, encourage, and educate young men through various resources. Brotherhood and Services will help facilitate the process of positive decision making. Participants will be provided exposure to enriching activities via educational, social, cultural, and civic activities. The objective of the league is to help create structure for young men and put them on the right path to success.  


  1. Positive decision making

  2. Health Education

  3. Financial Literacy

  4. Improve on academic performance

  5. Become leaders among peers

  6. Critical Thinking/Multi-Tasking Skills

  7. Self-Identity

  8. Increase ability to plan for the future

  9. Conflict Resolution

  10. Planning for the transition from high school to Adult life


The League of Distinguished Gentleman


Our Mentors


Members of The League will work with several goal-oriented mentors to develop a strong self-image and experience the benefits of academic success early in life. The program uses curriculum focused on diversity and builds positive relationships with teachers, parents and local law enforcement officers to address common achievement inequities faced by young males.


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